Stupid Website Username Rules

I’m riled! Twice in the last couple of months I’ve signed up to websites who don’t allow your username to look like your real name or email address!

I’m probably signed up to literally hundreds of websites, and I always use the same username, ‘bobtwells’, because, well, it just makes sense. Even for this blog that is my username, the same for Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, email, EVERYTHING!

Then along come ebay, all big and brash and throwing their weight around, who decide I can’t change my registered email address to because it looks a bit like my username, bobtwells. Yes, yes it does, that’s because they’re both for me, I am the user and it’s MY email address, so it makes sense they look kinda similar. But no. Even the tech support guy on their live help chat couldn’t explain the reasons behind the rules, although he did eventually manage to manually override them for me and get it set up how I wanted it.

I expected more sense from such a big player in the web world.

Then today I signed up to My Hammer who wouldn’t allow me my usual username because it contains my surname. Duh. What possible probelem is that?! So now I have a stupid username like bob123 that I’ll never remember and probably end up having to click the forgotten password link every time I use the site and fail to log in first time!

Sort it out ebay and MyHammer. No need. Grrr. Rant over.