Lost Amazon Wishlist

Had a weird Amazon bug today, it decided I no longer had a wishlist. Despite having had one for years and updating it only a few weeks ago, it now asks me to create one every time I tried to add something to it.
Not convinced that it had actually gone, or that I had accidentally deleted it, I did a Google for it (“Bob Twells wishlist”) as my wishlist is public, and there it was, several Google links to items in my wishlist.
Oddly, just following one of the links to my wishlist fixed it, I could see my items again, and if I logged out from Amazon and went in again it was still there. Very odd, but a quick fix if anyone else has the problem.


2 thoughts on “Lost Amazon Wishlist

  1. Hello!
    I saw your beatiful alu raspberry pi case on flicker and got really impressed!
    Is there any chance that you would like to share the drawings on that piece so i can make one myself??

    I put my email below.

  2. Unfortunately I don’t have these any more. To be honest they weren’t very detailed, most of the machining of the slots was done by eye and constantly comparing to the board. The alignment of them is not perfect but is good enough to get all connectors plugged in except for the composite video out!

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